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In Giro per il Mondo

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Vape Fair in Indonesia-Jakarta
Held in 2019 Sep 7-8, Vape Fair in Indonesia is the biggest tobacco exhibition in this area.

Vaper Expo UK-Birmingham

Vaper Expo UK held in Birmingham in 2019 May 03-05 is the biggest and most recognized in UK.

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Vape Korea Expo-Seoul
Vape Korea Expo, held in 2019 July 5-7, is the 2nd vape exhibition in Korea.

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Shenzhen E-cigs Expo

Shenzhen CEICE is held in 2019 April 14-16, it covers the 37500 SM and attracts 50,000+ people from all over the world.

Vape Expo Japan, vape exhibition, vaping fair
Vape Expo Japan-Tokyo
Vape Expo Japan, held in 2019 May 23-25, is the first large scaled vape exhibition in Japan.

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WT Middle East EXPO-Dubai

Held in 2019 April 03-04 in Dubai, this WT Middle East EXPO is the only tobacco exhibition in middle east area.

T200 - Ariano Irpino

Fiera del Tabaccaio T200 il 22-09 in Italia